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Properly suiting up online is as important as your physical impression!
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Branding & Marketing for Realtors in Pointe-Claire

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Our agency specializes in providing tailored online solutions to realtors in the Pointe-Claire area and surroundings.

Is a website necessary for realtors?

A lot of people ask us if having a website is really needed. Website for Realtors in Pointe-Claire is a necessity. Realtors are independent individuals looking to increase theirs leads in any way possible. The more leads realtors in Pointe-Claire have, the more chance of closing deals they have. It’s a numbers game and realtors know the sales game better than us!

While realtors have many tools like the social media at their disposal, most real estate agents in Pointe-Claire sleep on websites. That’s a huge problem and we’re here to solve it. Brokers in Pointe-Claire are now contacting us to have their website and online solutions taken care of. Websites for real mortgage brokers done quick and easily within only 48 hours!

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How do realtors in Pointe-Claire benefit from having a website?

There’s hardly any tool out there that allow realtors to capture leads. I mean yes, you can receive a message on Instagram or Twitter, but none of those tools allow you to convert the lead. If you take our “Lead Capture” addon, we can capture leads easily. With a user friendly dashboard that provides brokers Pointe-Claire with tools that help close deals!

Importance of driving traffic to your own name

Think of your name as a store. The more people that set foot in your store, the more value your store appraises. You must bring all of your marketing traffic to your own name in order to increase the value of your name in the online world.

What type of services do we provide to real estate brokers in Pointe-Claire?

We provide all services that can help the online presence of agents in Pointe-Claire. From creating websites for realtors, to doing their online marketing, social media marketing, local listings such as Google, Bing and Apple, and so much more.

We even provide photography and videograpy to create content for agents in the real estate industry. Business portraits, property photography, aerial photos and videos with drones & content for social media. Contact us to see if you’re eligible for that part of the deal. 

Why choose TRU MRK Agency?

We’re a local branding & marketing agency from Montreal & we are expanding our service offers to Pointe-Claire.

We’re a small team that is specialized in helping realtors have success when it comes to their online game. You matter to us and we will put serious effort in enhancing your online image. We provide 360 solutions to our customers in Pointe-Claire. We manage your campaign all under one roof and one relationship, with one dedicated project manager assigned to be in touch with you. Subscribe to one of our plans to start turning your online presence around!

What else do we offer?

Websites for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
Branding for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
Marketing for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
Social Media Marketing for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
Photography for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
Videography for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
SEO & SEM for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
Marketing Materials for Realtors in Pointe-Claire

Google Ads for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
Social Media Advertising for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
Content Creation for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
Reputation Management for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
Local Listings (Google, Bing & Apple) for Realtors in Pointe-Claire
Lead Capture for Realtors in Pointe-Claire




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